Monday, June 8, 2015

When I first signed up I was getting frustrated because this lead generation system did not seem to be working. Then, I researched the leads I had been sent previously and found nearly all of them had listed with a real estate agent. This gave me a lot of motivation and my success rate increased greatly.  It is so easy to blame someone else for not succeeding but once I realized it was me not aggressively going after these leads everything turned around. The leads I receive are very legitimate leads and I look forward to continued success. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Office Tour... 50 Employees and Growing!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Watch Us Prospect- Fitzgerald Coaching, Inc

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coach Bob Fitzgerald Delivers Results!

“I am thrilled with the service I have received from Bob Fitzgerald for nearly 4 years now!” -Patrick McGinnley, Keller Williams

1. I contact the lead immediately and let them know I am excited about meeting with them and I get additional information about their situation.

2. I deliver a pre-listing package to their door-step that gives them an overview about our serviced and track record.

Bottom line.... This is a numbers game. Bob does the critical time consuming ground work of making the calls. I follow up and make the personal sales call to obtain the listing. It is a great investment of my time and financial resources.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Listent to a top agent describe how he uses our prospecting system at!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"My 4th Listing was my 1st lead... "

“The last listing I took which is number 4, was actually the first lead, a FSBO that I had gone on the appointment and continued to touch base with on a weekly basis. Then 2 weeks ago he called me and was ready to list!  I continue to follow up with each one till they list with someone or sell”

Thanks Bob!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maximize Your Conversion Rate

The good news is that we can get leads for you for the rest of your career... if you do your job.

What is your job in making our partnership work and converting the best of the leads?

I share the credit for the answer with the best listing agents in North America for helping me identify what is working best when we send you a lead... Here goes...

1- Whenever possible, call the leads immediately! Most of you have buyer agents and you already know that the conversion rate on a sign call is much higher if they call the buyer within 20 minutes of them calling on the 800 Info Home Line. Our ATMs have to fight for every appointment and without the ability to discuss the market, pricing, real estate or most of the selling points that you'd work into a conversation if you had done the prospecting... the "impression" we are able to make on the seller is... "just enough..." to set an appointment. Calling them right away is critical or by the time you get to them they may never call you back. We are losing a lot of hard fought leads because our members aren't calling to do their follow up or PreQ soon enough.

2- Build rapport around their desire to sell. This will allow you to get on "common ground" with the seller and remove any resistance they may have because they don't know you nor have not talked to you personally yet. Don't assume the rapport we built when we set the appointment is automatically transferred to you. If you don't build rapport and make them feel comfortable with you then they may shut you down, lie to you or even act like they don't want to sell when all the detail we sent over proves otherwise. Remember, we had to push ourselves just to get the appointment so get into rapport before you start pushing them to see how serious they are.

3- Encourage them about the market and the fact that homes are selling! The key to getting them ready to list right now is to creates urgency. Each of you have your own way to talking about the market... be it low interest rates or perhaps the pre-holiday fall market opportunity... that will encourage the seller that now is a good time to meet with you and list their home. We can not discuss the market but let's not forget we are dealing with confused homeowners looking to be "lead" by the expert, you.

4- Sell your track record! These people need you but most sellers think that agents are all the same. You are the highest producers in the entire state... in a real estate market where only 1 in 10 listings actually sell each month. We build you up but nobody sells you like you do so create the creditability you deserve by letting the "lead" know you are the best and that they need you. At this point they will go from being "willing" to set up an appointment with our ATM to "looking forward" to the appointment and all that you can do for them. Does that make sense?

5- DisQualify. Do this ONLY after you've built rapport so you get "truth" about their level of motivation and desire to sell. At that point you can decide if you want to go on the listing appointment or not. If you take a "prove your worth my time" attitude before you've "proven that you are worth theirs..." they will just tell you they don't want to sell." I always marvel when I get an e-mail from a client that says... "they don't want to sell right now so I'm deleting this lead..." and then I look at the lead sheet... and it says... they own another home that they are living in... the home they are selling is vacant... They tell us exactly how much they owe on the home... they set up a time to meet with you.... they tell us that they want to sell and close within 90 days and that they plan to list the home within 30 days... and they tell the agent... "we don't want to sell." I've coached top agents for many years and they are losing a lot of money not talking the time to "educate" a seller so they make the right decision. The best agents are GOING on appointments and working their magic in the home.

6- Finally, remember... take the listings that you can get! Don't forget that the price reduction process will be as important with our listings as it would be for your own listings. I had a client say that we are sending "crap leads" and he is "holding out for sellers that will price the home to sell." I said, great... how many listings do you have right now?" He said, "I have over 100" if he couldn't wait to tell me how successful he was. I said, "great, how many of them need a price reduction?" He said, "about 75% of them." I said, "what makes you think our listings are any different just because we are doing the prospecting for you?" The right price is a process 75% of the time. It IS what it IS... right?

Let's work together & win together!